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Walter White is the new drug lord on the block as “Breaking Bad” returns for season 5

Written By: Max Nygren *SPOILER WARNING (If you haven’t seen previous seasons of Breaking Bad, stop reading)* It’s the return of the show we’ve all been waiting for since the last episode… Continue reading

Aaron Sorkin’s “The Newsroom” might be a bit too smart for all the stupid people out there watching TV

Written By: Max Nygren Aaron Sorkins “The Newsroom” premiered on HBO on June 24 and is a smart, fast and elegant behind-the-scenes story of a fictional news channel (Atlantis Cable News). It’s… Continue reading

How many motherfucking people are there left to kill in “Midsomer Murders”?

Written By: The Angry TV-writer Midsomer Murders are a British television detective drama. The series takes place in a fictional British county called Midsomer. Sounds interesting, right? Well, there’s one more ingredient… Continue reading

AMC announces ‘Breaking Bad’ season 5 premiere date

We’ve known for a while that the final season of “Breaking Bad” would be made up of 16 episodes, but we didn’t know exactly when it would debut, or how AMC would arrange… Continue reading

AMC involved in new project from “Walking Dead” producer Robert Kirkman

Photo: AMC “Thief of Thieves” is based on a comic with the same name and circles around a master thief that goes by the name of Conrad Paulson.┬áPaulson is badly addicted to the… Continue reading