Walter White is the new drug lord on the block as “Breaking Bad” returns for season 5

Written By: Max Nygren

*SPOILER WARNING (If you haven’t seen previous seasons of Breaking Bad, stop reading)*

It’s the return of the show we’ve all been waiting for since the last episode (“Face Off”) of Season 4 aired on October 9, 2011. Walter White and Jesse Pinkman are now returning to our television screens for the new and also last season of AMC’s Breaking Bad.

The King Is Dead, All Hail The King!

Season 4 ended with Walter White wiping the former kingpin and mastermind Gus Fring off the map, leaving an empty throne to be taken by someone. But the network has now released a few posters and two trailers giving us a hint of things to come, and it looks like that someone will likely be Walter White. We’ve followed Walters transition from a talented, but boring and weak chemist teacher to a tough, merciless drugdealer (soon to be drug lord?), and considering this is the last season (although this season will consist of no less than 16 episodes, which means a lot of shit can go down before the last episode) it seems logical that Walter will step up and grab the crown.

New Trailer :

This is fucking badass. Wouldn’t you guys just love to see Walter White aka Heisenberg as the new drug lord on the block? I know I would. With Gus Fring out of the way, I can’t really see that anything could stop this from happ….or wait...fuck. What about the Mexican Cartel? Oh well, except for the Gang of Tacos, there’s no competition!

The last season and the first episode, “Live Free or Die” premieres on AMC July, 15.

“Live Free or Die”