Aaron Sorkin’s “The Newsroom” might be a bit too smart for all the stupid people out there watching TV

Written By: Max Nygren

Aaron Sorkins “The Newsroom” premiered on HBO on June 24 and is a smart, fast and elegant behind-the-scenes story of a fictional news channel (Atlantis Cable News). It’s basically about a news anchor that gets tired of constantly doing and saying what’s politically correct and safe and goes apeshit instead. Which does make for a good story, I must say!

But I don’t know, it’s waaaaay too early to say. There’s this thought that keeps coming back to me like a fucking frisbee; what if Aaron Sorkin is outsmarting himself? I mean, the West Wing was brilliant and all but with The Newsroom it feels a bit (at least in the pilot) like Aaron is trying even harder to come off as an extremely intelligent screenwriter rather than seeing to the best of the show. I understand what he is trying to do but he also has to keep in mind that far from everyone who watches TV is Albert Einstein.

Well, I guess only time can tell whether this is going to be a hit or not.