Martin Scorsese takes Swedish blockbuster “Easy Money” (Snabba Cash) to the US

The Swedish blockbuster “Snabba Cash”, which means something like Easy Money/Fast Money has now made it’s way into the US theaters via Martin Scorsese and I am actually excited. Easy Money is a movie about a middle-class student (Johan Westlund aka JW) from the northern parts of Sweden who desperately want’s to be a part of Stockholm’s wealthy party-elite. But it’s not that easy, you know? You can’t just get your ass down to the capital and pretend like you’re a part of the Trump-family. There’s social codes, important last names and not to forget the insane flow of money. And JW (Joel Kinnaman from The Killing) ain’t got shit of what I just mentioned. After moving down to Stockholm, JW starts working for an illegal cab company and lies his way into the rich and famous, but also gets tangled up in a lot of criminal business.

Makes for an interesting story doesn’t it? It is! To be totally honest with you shitheads; I’ve already seen it. And it’s great. Fucking great. It’s sort of the Swedish version of “Drive”, with the noir-feeling and all. But in Stockholm, of course.

Weeelll, what are you waiting for? Book your tickets!

Easy Money will be hitting US theaters July 11, 2012