Liam Neeson gets taken in “Taken 2”, read about the premiere date and the premise right here

Written By: The Angry TV-writer

It was surprising how much money the first movie, “Taken”, actually made.  In that one, the usual retired CIA or FBI or DEA or whatever the fucking special agency he worked for loses his daughter to some foreign kidnappers (always with a Russian accent no matter what country they come from, kidnappers in Hollywood are always Russian) and shoots his way back to his daughter and TATA! Happy ending, everyone.

And now, after the moderate success with “The Grey” (which actually could’ve been awesome but failed big time because of the USELESS cgi-effects,  those wolfs looked like fucking dinosaurs or some other extra-terrestrial shit) Liam Neeson is back with “Taken 2”. The premise is something like: Angry Russians or Albanians or their relatives or whatever from the first movie are now back for revenge. But this time, according to our semi-reliable sources, it’s Liam himself who gets taken. OK, that doesn’t sound too bad, right?? Well…hang on. Do you guys know who’s going to save him? Wait…….wait for it…..HIS DAUGHTER.




That’s it. Fuck this movie. Not going to write anymore about it.

If you must know when it hits the US theatres it will be out October 5. And here’s the trailer: