How many motherfucking people are there left to kill in “Midsomer Murders”?

Written By: The Angry TV-writer

Midsomer Murders are a British television detective drama. The series takes place in a fictional British county called Midsomer. Sounds interesting, right? Well, there’s one more ingredient to this story. In Midsomer, everybody dies. I swear to God the small villages in the Midsomer County must have higher murder rates than the city of Chicago. All the CSI shows together could not compete with how many fucking dead bodies the Midsomer morgue must be handling on a daily basis. In fact, I am a hundred percent sure that AMC came up with the idea for “The Walking Dead” while watching this shit.  Every episode there’s a new murder and every episode “detective Baaaarnaby” or whatever the fuck his name is drives back and forth between the picturesque villages with hay roof houses trying to figure out what happened. And guess, what? He always gets to the truth. Aaaaamazing. No, but seriously; It’s a pretty good show to watch while it’s raining outside and it feels like your life is coming to an end. There’s something calming about it, even if people drop to the floor like flies in every episode.

But the reason for this post is that Midsomer Murders are dangerously close to their 100th episode (15th season) and I just need to know; How many motherfucking people are there left to kill in the county of Midsomer?